Providing safe places to play isn’t enough. We also run free soccer programming at all of our mini pitches and several other locations in underserved areas.


Learning Through Sport

Our programs teach soccer skills alongside healthy nutrition and our professional players are frequent visitors to encourage the children to maintain the healthy habits they are learning, and to provide mentorship and positive role models.

Children who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age will carry them, and their benefits, forward for the rest of their lives. Physical activity promotes:

  • Healthy growth and development 

  • Better self-esteem 

  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints 

  • Better posture and balance 

  • A stronger heart 

  • A healthier weight range 

  • Social interaction with friends 

  • Learning new skills while having fun 

  • Better focus and concentration during school


Help Us Out!

Give to the Orlando City Foundation and help us to provide more free soccer programming for the youth of Central Florida.